“Supermachine” Printing & Deep Embossing Wallpaper Production Line

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  2. “Supermachine” Printing & Deep Embossing Wallpaper Production Line

“Supermachine” Printing & Deep Embossing Wallpaper Production Line

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“Supermachine” Printing & Deep Embossing Wallpaper Production Line

Basic parameters
Specification:  800 type machine for 530mm wallpaper

1200 type machine 1060mm wallpaper

 Substrate:  PVC coated paper 120-800g/㎡

pure paper 90-200g/㎡

non woven 110-170g/㎡

 Printing Precision:  Printing Register Precision  ±0.15mm

Embossing Register Precision ±0.40mm

 Printing Speed:  80m/min (Max.)
 Max. Embossing Depth:  1.5mm
 Max. Embossing Pressure:  12bar
 Finished Width:  type 800: 700mm, 530mm

type 1200:1060mm, 920mm, 700mm, 530mm

 Heating method:  Electrical heating, guide heat oil, gas heating

Main Configuration

● The first wallpaper machine combining servo control technology and automatic register in China; Preregistering before the machine running, which greatly improve printing quality.
● Printing images are static monitored in real time, which effectuates simple operation.
● Remote diagnosis system, which ensure real time troubleshooting.
● Large wrap angle deep embossing, quickly cooling and shaping technology; Pneumatic pressure system, without the limitation of the traditional embossing, which improves the embossing depth and precision.
● Energy-efficiency foaming oven, heat transforming efficiency is up to 92.5%.
● Embossing platform for quick change of rubber roll, first in China and easy for operation.
● Designed and manufactured according to CE standard.
● Optional printing register and embossing register.

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