“Supermachine L100” Series Full Servo Wallpaper Production Line

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  2. “Supermachine L100” Series Full Servo Wallpaper Production Line

“Supermachine L100” Series Full Servo Wallpaper Production Line

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Non-woven fabricWallpaper making

“Supermachine” Printing & Deep Embossing Wallpaper Production Line


Specification: 800 type

1200 type

Substrate: PVC coated paper 200~650g/m2

Pure paper 90~200g/m2

Non-woven paper 110~170g/m2

Register precision: Gravure printing ±0.15mm

Rotary screen printing ±0.40mm

Register precision: ±0.40mm
Speed: Max.120m/min
Finished width:



Heating method: Electrical, thermal oil, natural gas heating

Main Configuration

  • Germany technology, aerospace precision manufacturing.
  • Whole structure for basic plates only need to adjusted rotary screen head, never to tweak screen net.
  • Advantage technology in the world, directly push back impression roller structure, good angel for doctor blade.
  • Germany rotary screen head synchronization digital servo motor direct drive technology, which ensure precision transmission.
  • High air speed and strong convection which has big return hot air system, high effective drying and energy conservation.
  • Optional automatic register, high precision, quickly adjustment and less waste.
  • Increase inside diameter size of screen head, which is friendly for directly fill in ink paste and suitable for China market variety and small lots.
  • Electrical shaft drive technology, high precision, automatic and reliability.
  • With German particle spreading technology, which ensures reliable sandstone spreading.
  • German standard; optimized design and reliable performance; remote diagnosis system, easy for maintenance.
  • Designed and manufactured according to CE standard.
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